PT. Digital Media Techindo

Perum Pondok Tandala, Jl. Bungur V No. 230
Kawalu, Kota Tasikmalaya
Jawa Barat - Indonesia 46182

How to Enter Indonesian Market Through can be your solution to connecting your brands with audiences or communities with interest to Cyber Security & Technology or certain segmented targets.

We can help you to deliver the message and promote your brand/event to our large number of users to create awareness and engagement for them to be your loyal customers or visitors to your event.

Why Choose as Media Promotions?

  • is one of the biggest portal in Indonesia that contains anything there is to know about Cyber Security & Technology.
  • Utilizing Digital Campaign minimizes a substantial amount of cost compared to promotion on television.
  • Acquiring a more market-focused segment according to the desired target market.
  • Maintaining contents that could be accessed whenever and where ever through the website and other digital platforms/SNS.
  • Handled by young professionals that have numerous experience in Cyber Security & Technology Event and Content related.
  • We have a strong network within the Indonesian Cyber Security & Technology community.
  • We are knowledgeable about the market and demographics of the Indonesian Cyber Security & Technology community.

For further Information and service order, do not hesitate to let us know by sending your mail to:
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