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Security in a Serious Way 2018

Cyber-threats are now a clear and present danger to anyone. The world has changed; cyber-security is no longer just an IT challenge–it’s a imperative. For this reason, cyber security event “Security in a Serious Way” is back in 2018!

This Cyber Security event Security in a Serious Way 2018 was organized with the aim to provide knowledge and insight about cyber security/hacking and how to handle cyber crime.

“Security in a Serious Way” is annual seminar to disseminate cyber security knowledge and was organized by Error 404 Cyber News. For those interested in the country. And it’s also an expertinvitation. Academics from both local and international are invited to share knowledge, technology and techniques in cyber security. To raise awareness in cyber security. The event will be held on December 2, 2018 in Tasikmalaya City, West Java, Indonesia.

The event is finished.


02 Des 2018

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