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Hacking is Not a Crime

“Hacking is not a crime” // COEXiSTENCE x

Price: IDR 125.000

Available Size:
– M // 50×68
– L // 53×69
– XL // 56×70

Material: Cotton 24s // Plastisol


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Over the past several decades, the media and popular culture has been using the term “hacker” to describe physical and information security enthusiasts who commit unlawful acts. This is unfortunate, but understandable. Given the esoteric nature of physical and information security, and the profound impact it now has on our everyday lives, it’s easy to use the terms synonymously.

Contrary to popular misconception, being a hacker is a lifestyle and mindset. It is not a fashion statement or a movie character. A hacker is simply a curious, outside-the-box thinker who creates unorthodox solutions for everyday problems. The actions and methods by which these problems are solved is called “hacking”.

A criminal is one who engages in illegal activities. The actions and methods by which these laws are broken is called “lawbreaking”. Regardless of the context or subject matter, once a law is broken the perpetrator is a criminal. Hackers don’t engage in unauthorized or unethical activities, only cybercriminals do.

It is not the knowledge or profession which determines how personas are labeled. It is the means, motive, opportunity, and most importantly the actions, that do. Hacking therefore, is not and cannot be, a crime. It is merely an ethical endeavor of exploration and problem solving.